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E-Go Kneepad
Kneepad: E-GO2
Typhoon H SC4000-4 Balancing Smart Charger
1 pc of SC4000-4 Balancing Smart Charger for TYPHOON H
Typhoon H FSPO90-DIEBN2 100-240V AC to 19V DC Adapter 4.74A-Amp power cable, US plug
1 pc of AC to DC adapter power cable with US plug
Typhoon H Switching Power Adapter
1 pc of FSPO90-DIEBN2 100-240V AC to 19V DC Adapter
Typhoon H Lithium Polymer Battery
1 pc of TYPHOON H battery
Compatible with Typhoon H/4K/G/Q500+/Q500
Typhoon H 12V DC Automobile Accessory Socket / Cigarette Lighter Receptacle Adapter
1 pc of DC automoble accessory socket/cigarette lighter receptacle adapter cable
Typhoon Q500 Propeller B
Counterclockwise Rotation