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Mantis Q
FREE MANTIS Q PROPELLER PACK WITH THIS PURCHASE. Mantis Q in color box w/Remote Controller, Charger, 1 Battery, 2 Sets Propellers, USB Cable (US Plug)
Typhoon H Plus with Intel RealSense Technology
Includes ST16S Smart Controller, 1-inch sensor camera, Intel RealSense Technology, Travel Backpack, (2) Flight Batteries, (10) Propellers, and Charging Accessories
Breeze 4K
Includes Case, Propellers Guards and Two Flight Batteries

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Typhoon H Pro RealSense™
Includes Intel RealSense, ST16 Transmitter, CGO3+ Camera Gimbal, Two Flight Batteries, Propellers, Charging Accessories, Wizard in Backpack
Typhoon H
Includes ST16 Transmitter, CGO3+ Camera Gimbal, One Flight Battery, Propellers, and Charging Accessories in color box.
Typhoon 4K RTF
Includes ST10+ Transmitter, CGO3 Gimbal Camera, SteadyGrip, One Flight Battery, Propellers, Charging Accessories in color box.
Mantis Q X-Pack
Mantis Q in Shoulder bag with remote controller, charger, 3 batteries, 4 sets of propellers, USC cable