Typhoon G GB203 Gimbal(with MK 58)
1 pc of GB203 1 pc of MK58 (for US and AU)
Typhoon G GB203 Gimbal(only)
1 pc of GB203 Gimbal
H920 5.8 GHZ video Antenna ST24
1 pc of 5.8 GHZ video Antenna
Typhoon H ST16 Fan
1 pc of ST16 Fan
Typhoon H Transparent UV filter
1pc of UV filter 1pc of cleaning cloth
Typhoon H Grey UV filter
1pc of grey UV filter 1pc of cleaning cloth
Typhoon H CGO3 Housing
1 pc of front ball,1 pc of rear ball,1 pc of filter cover,8 pcs of screws (Authorized Service Use Only)
Typhoon H USB to Micro USB Cable
1 pc of USB to Micro USB cable
E-Go T-Tool with Pin Tool
T-Tool with Pin Tool: E-GO
E-Go Complete Hardware Set
Complete Hardware Set: E-GO
E-Go Bushing Set
Bushing Set: E-GO
E-Go Drive Belt
Drive Belt: E-GO
E-Go Motor Cover
Motor Cover: E-GO