Handheld 4K footage

Stabilized Imaging in 4K

The Typhoon ActionCam combines the impressive CGO3 camera gimbal with a handle for stable ground footage, allowing to record videos and take photos like never before. When using the typhoon ActionCam, the camera stays level regardless of shaky hands or wobbling, making it the ideal tool for capturing life’s quick moments with unparalleled detail.


Quick Facts

Up to 90 Minutes runtime

Carry Case + Battery Smart Charger included

14mm Lens (F2.8)

3-axis camera gimbal

4K resolution (4096x2160 24/25 fps)

Super Slowmotion (120 fps / 1080p)

Automatic white balance

Smartphone connect for live view

Equipped with the CGO3

With ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution, four times higher than HD, the camera delivers high-quality images with the ability to capture slow motion 1080p/120fps and 12 megapixel photos. Capture life in 4K with incredible detail and unparalleled realism.

Smartphone connect monitoring

The CGO3 mobile APP allows the ActionCam user to capture images, shoot videos and control the CGO3 gimbal camera.