Your eyes in the sky

• Fly in first person view

• 110º Field of View

• Use controller to fly

• 720p image transmission

• Adjustable headband

• Ergonomic and durable

• Fly FPV, watch movies and play games

See the world from above

Breeze FPV Controller allows users to pilot their Breeze in a new way. The portable Game Controller is connected to the smart device via Bluetooth, and enables users to control the Breeze accurately with physical joysticks and buttons.

Optional views to choose from

The Breeze FPV Controller features two view modes: FPV Mode and Normal Mode. You can view the images through the FPV Goggles or from your smart device

Hands-on control

Meanwhile, your smart device is turned into a display screen, giving you an immersive and uninterrupted flight experience

Breeze cam app

It is compatible with the Breeze Cam application on iOS devices and Android devices, so you can use joysticks instead. of the touch screen of your smart device to control Breeze.