building information modeling

Automated BIM input to popular construction site management software, in minutes and on-site

Precise-flight sUAS Platform

Preconstruction survey, topographical measurements, project progress, and even as-Designed/as Built become concise and efficient using unmanned aviation solutions. The Yuneec H520 is designed to fly repeatable, perfect-placement flight over construction sites, providing not only measurable and demonstrable project data, but also helping to identify shrink points, at-risk areas, or security breach points.

Streamlined Project Quality Management

With the ability to input to most popular project management, BIM, and auto-CAD systems, an sUAS is a rapid deployment, safe tool for project managers and site supervisors to monitor/measure progress. The H520 is ideal for early damage protection evaluation, quality management exercises, or other asset evaluation techniques.

Quickly change cameras without powering down

All Yuneec commercial camera systems are hot-swap capable which minimizes down time and improves productivity. The E50 camera-gimbal combination may be swapped for an E90 or CGOET camera-gimbal combo without power cycling the airframe. The quick release and lock mechanism of the gimbal and airframe mounting system enables fast and efficient exchange of cameras.

Yuneec H520 sUAS System

The H520 Hexacopter aerial system has been developed specifically for commercial use. This sUAS enterprise solution features a proven, stable, long flight time airframe, with multiple payload options and advanced DataPilot mission planning software.

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*Flight time may range from 25-28 minutes based on attached payload weight