Search and Rescue

UAV platforms are quickly becoming an experienced team member for Search and Rescue (SAR) ground teams. UAV platforms are invaluable to ground teams. Some of the most common uses are: scouting the route ahead for obstacles, finding victims, photographing remote crash sites, airborne communication repeater platforms, terrain mapping, and crash site monitoring. SAR professionals are finding new ways every mission to incorporate UAV platforms into their operations.

Prepare, Prevent, Manage, Analyze

When a ground team deploys on a mission, there is a person's life on the line. Being able to get to the victim quickly and efficiently is mission critical for SAR. If the ground team cannot find the victim, the victim will not receive the help they need. Ground team members also need to carry a lot of equipment into the SAR environment, not only rescue gear like a litter, or first aid kit for the victim, but personal equipment to assist with staying in the field for an extended duration. When selecting gear for the field, a ground team member needs to think about weight vs. capability, the H520 is a lightweight highly capable UAV platform. Portability, extended flight times, live video feedback, thermal imaging, 4k video, downloadable satellite maps, and integrated controller, the H520 has it all.

Having a bright orange color allows victims and rescuers to see the H520 easily against the sky or terrain. High visibility allows victims to know help is on the way and attracts the attention of the UAV flight crew. Flight crews can use the high visibility color to point out the victim's location to ground team members in the area. Longer flight times allow a search grid to be more thoroughly inspected and increase the liklihood of locating the victim.