PRESS RELEASE   September 5, 2018

Yuneec International Expands Commercial UAV Payload Offerings with the All-New E10T

E10T All-in-One Dual Thermal Imaging and Low Light Video Camera Available in Two Versions: 320 or 640-Pixel Thermal Resolution

CORONA, Calif.(Sept. 5, 2018) — Yuneec International, a world leader in electric aviation, today announced the expansion of its commercial UAV payload offering with the unveiling of the all-new E10T, an advanced thermal camera for commercial applications. The E10T is an all-in-one three-axis gimbal, dual thermal imaging and low light camera available in two versions: 320 by 256-pixel or 640 by 512-pixel thermal resolution, each with different lens options. The E10T will be sold separately and available later this year starting at $4,999.

The E10T builds off the original Yuneec CGO-ET dual thermal RGB camera, the industry's first thermal and residual light combination camera that was announced with the H520 at InterDrone 2017. The E10T camera takes high-quality pictures and detects more detail in dark scenes than the naked eye with the help of its large RGB sensor. Thanks to its dual video stream, users can transmit their thermal andvideo image simultaneously to the ground station and then view the image as an overlay or picture-in-picture.

The H520 was specially developed for inspection, safety and search & rescue applications. With its multi-sensor compatibility, the H520 hexacopter offers emergency services, firefighters, police and inspectors reliable and efficient air support in combination with the E10T thermal imaging and video camera. When searching for people, the H520-E10T system enables users to search for people quickly from the air, and in the case of fire, hot spots can be immediately detected, allowing fast and efficient counter measure to help save lives. Moreover, all required object inspection details can be detected while mitigating risk of potential prop strikes. The H520’s live image can be transferred to a monitor during the flight, allowing team members to take part in the inspection and make critical assessments during flight.

The E10T will be available later this year in four lens configurations for the two resolution options. The 320-pixel thermal resolution will start at $4,999, while the 640-pixel thermal resolution will start at $7,999.

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Founded in 1999, Yuneec is a world leader in electric aviation. Rooted in a passion for innovation, Yuneec holds hundreds of patents worldwide. Its core technologies power manned aircraft as well as both consumer and commercial oriented UAV. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Yuneec manufactures over one million units a year that accommodate a range of customers. From the Typhoon series for the consumer and the H520 platform for commercial application, Yuneec continues to innovate, making aerial photography and data capture attainable at any level of flight experience.

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