Yuneec Mantis Q - Frequently Asked Questions

What Intelligent Flight Modes can the Mantis Q perform?

The Mantis Q comes with intelligent flight modes such as Journey, POI (Point of Interest), and Follow Me/Watch Me. The user can also fly in Angle mode to get smooth cinematographic shots, or for a much faster flying experience, they can switch into Sport mode with the flick of a switch on the controller.

How Fast Can the Mantis Q Fly?

The Mantis Q can fly at speeds of up to 13.4 mph in Angle mode, 44mph in Sport mode, and 9mph while flying indoors.

How does Face Detection work?

Face Detection is activated in the camera settings within the app. Once activated, the Mantis Q will be able to detect a face at a range from 3 to 12 ft. After the face has been detected, the Mantis Q will countdown from 3 seconds then snap a photo.

Is there anything I need to do to fly indoors?

Due to its GPS system, the Mantis Q will automatically know when it is indoors and will not require the user to adjust any parameters in order to fly. When flying indoors, the dual sonar sensors coupled with the IR Sensor (infrared sensor) allow it to detect the ground underneath it so the aircraft can have a steady flight.

Does the Mantis Q automatically Return Home or to its take off position when the battery gets past a certain percentage?

When the battery percentage on the Mantis Q gets to 20% or below, the user will be prompted with an in-app message stating if they would like to Return Home. If the user selects YES, then the Mantis Q will automatically fly back to the take off point. If the user selected No, then they will remain in full control of the Mantis Q and will be able to land the unit on their own.

Can the Mantis Q be flown without the controller?

The Mantis Q can be flown without the controller and can be controlled with a compatible smart device.

How Does Voice Recognition work and how do I activate it?

Voice Recognition is enabled through the app and uses the microphone in your smart device to relay commands to Mantis Q. To activate Voice Recognition and simply “Wake Up”. From here you will be able to give flight commands such as “Take off” or “Land”. You can also give commands to take photos and videos such as “Start recording” or “Take a picture”.

What type of battery is used in the Mantis Q and how long does it take to charge?

The Mantis Q uses a 3S 2800 mAh Lipo Battery and takes 1 hour to fully charge.

What is the flight time that I should expect out of the Mantis Q?

On a fully charged battery 3S 2800 mAh Lipo battery, the Mantis Q puts out a flight time of 33 minutes.

Is there any type of warranty or insurance on the Mantis Q?

Yuneec offers a one-year manufactures warranty on the Mantis Q. Yuneec offers extended warranty or service plans as well. These plans allow you to purchase an extra year of warranty coverage in case there any issues at all throughout the ownership of this item. Yuneec also offers a crash forgiveness plan that allows users to have their unit repaired/replaced under warranty should the user experience a crash that was no fault of the drone. For information on Yuneec Extended Service plans, please visit