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Typhoon 4K



Twist on the rotors and tighten the screws in place. The screws and screwdriver are in the accessories box. Tip: There are two types of rotors, A and B; they are screwed onto wings A and B.

Step 2: Install the aircraft battery

LiPo battery is removed from the box, holding up YUNEEC icon, the battery into the battery slot until you hear a 'clicking' sound indicates that the battery is installed. Close the battery compartment door.

STEP 3: Power on and take off.

Open the remote control, wait for the Remote Control Power completed. Put the TYPHOON Q500 4K on a level surface, turn on the immovable head self-test is completed before the aircraft or aircraft touch. Wait aircraft and remote control pairing is completed, press the red start button on the remote control to start the motor and slowly push the throttle, the aircraft took off.

Tip: Please make sure the aircraft takes off at a safe and clearing place.