Typhoon H

Getting Started with your Typhoon H


STEP 1: Out of the box

Unpack the box and you will see the following items: Typhoon H aircraft, CGO3+ camera (already connected on the aircraft) and the ST16 remote control.

Step 2: Install the arm

Expand the arm until you hear a 'clicking' sound.

Step 3: Remove tag stickers

Carefully remove the protective cover on the camera, protective sticker on the lens and the warning listed on the machine arm. After those items are removed, insert the included SD card into the camera.

Step 4: Install the propellers

Install propellers marked ‘A’ or ‘B’ on the corresponding rotors marked ‘A’ or ‘B’.

Step 5: Install the aircraft battery

Insert the battery into the battery slot with the YUNEEC logo facing upward. A clicking sound indicates the battery is properly installed.

Step 6: Power on and take off

Place Typhoon H in an open area, free from obstructions before taking off. Start the motors by holding the “Start/Stop Motors Button” on top of the ST16 Ground Station until the propellers start. Enjoy your flight!