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Key Features
  • Controls All Aircraft and Gimbal Functions
  • Smart Features - Point-to-Fly, Follow/Watch Me & RTH
  • Water-Resistant Carry Pouch Included
  • Height Tracking
  • Compatible with Typhoon H/4K/G/Q500+/Q500

It feels like magic – its the Wizard

The ultra-lightweight and compact Typhoon Wizard allows users to pilot their Typhoon multicopter with the use of only one hand, making it even easier to capture life’s memories from a bird’s-eye-view. Functions like starting motors, changing flight modes, flying manually, Watch Me and Follow Me, Return Home and even the new revolutionary point-to-fly function is right in the palm of your hand.

Smart Directional Controls
Changing the angle of the Typhoon Wizard is equivalent to using the left or right joystick of a regular ST10 remote controller.
  • Point up (from 40º to 90º) and use the flight control arrows to take off and land or control your altitdude.
  • Point fron (from 0º to 40º) and use the flight control arrows to give directuonal instructions.

Easy control, secure physical signal
Manuel controls, which users are accustomed to on the ST10+ remote control, can be easily accessed from the Typhoon Wizard. Functions such as changing flight modes, starting or stopping motors and flying manually are all accessible with a click of the center button on the Wizard.

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