One handed full flight control

All new point-to-fly interaction

With point-to-fly we have created the most intuitive way to change your flying camera perspective at anytime while performing activities such as riding a bike, skiing, surfing or running. Simply point anywhere in the sky and change the position of the aircraft while using Watch Me or Follow Me and get into a completely new level of person aerial videography.

Follow Me and Watch Me made easy

Smooth professional flying footage has never been as easy as using the Typhoon Wizard in Watch Me mode. Establish the Typhoon’s position and automatically get amazing video of your actions on the go, using a compact and intuitive device that you can wear anytime.

New height tracking

The Typhoon Wizard extends the Follow Me and Watch Me features from a 2 dimensional to a 3 dimensional flight path matching the changes in altitude. This allows the user to accomplish extreme close and accurate filming, even when climbing or skiing down a slope.

Waterproof Bag

Don’t let the elements stop you from capturing amazing moments. The Typhoon Wizard is water resistant and can be used in any environment, even in humid conditions. Whether you are surfing, kayaking or skiing, place the Wizard in its included water-resistant pouch and enjoy your sport while the flying camera tells your story.

Compact and Convenient

The Typhoon Wizard is the perfect companion for your next adventure. Simply clip the Wizard on your backpack or stick it in your pocket and watch the Typhoon follow you on your next hike, bike ride or surfing lesson. It truly is that easy to use.