At what temperatures can the H520 be flown?

The H520 can be flown from -10°C to about 40°C. Note that the battery shouldn’t be cold. A cold battery can lose up to 40% of its performance. At temperatures above 40°C, the electronics may experience a heat problem during continuous operation. The system may need to cool down now and then.

Which factors can affect the flight time?

Temperature, payload, altitude and wind affect the flight time.

What are the advantages of 6 propellers?

Resilience. The H520 can be landed safely also with 5 motors and is wind-stable and quieter than a Quadcopter.

When does the H520 turn on 5 Motor Mode?

If a propeller breaks down or a motor fails, the H520 will switch to 5 Motor Mode and keeps flying.

What is the maximum takeoff weight of the H520?

Max 2,5 kg (takeoff weight incl. copter).

Which satellite systems does the H520 use?

The H520E/520 use GPS and GLONASS

How does the obstacle detection work?

The OBS is a forward faced system based on ultrasonic technology. If an obstacle is detected, the H520 will stop in 4,5m distance. Objects must be at least the size of a thumb to be recognized. The system can also be switched off. When the OBS is on, the airspeed is limited to 25 km/h.

Can maps be stored on the remote control?

Yes you can, but there is limited storage space. Make sure that no map is bigger than 100MB. This would slow down the system unnecessarily. Spread the area over several small maps instead.

How often do I have to calibrate my H520?

Basically, whenever the copter is not flying stable in the air despite having GPS signal available or if the remote control in the DataPilot shows a red status code under “summary” or “sensors”. Calibration after changing the location is not necessary.

I've already re-calibrated the H520, but the drone still flies quite unstable. What should I do?

When calibrating, make sure that there is no metal around the drone. This can affect the internal compass. Check the joystick movements in the RC Monitor. If the reactions to your movements are slow, you need to have your controller checked.

What happens if the radio connection to the H520 is lost?

There are two different radio links and two different types of connection losses. Communication lost – loss of image transmission (5.8GHz). The H520 remains fully controllable with all functions. As soon as the Copter regains a signal, the image transmission is restored.If the wireless connection is lost, the H520 automatically returns to the starting point. If the connection is restored during the return, RTL will not continue. The last known command will be executed.

What happens when the battery turns empty?

The H520 calculates depending on distance and battery voltage when emergency RTL is triggered. This ensures a safe return to the starting point. (From version 1.4.9)

Does the H520 have an emergency stop?

By lowering the stick “descend” and simultaneously pressing the red button three times, an emergency shutdown of the motors is triggered. Attention: Only use in an emergency case. A motor restart is not possible!

How to take care of my batteries?

LiPo batteries are high-performance energy sources and require a certain amount of care.
Ideal for the care of the HV LiPo batteries is the Duo charger DY5 from Yuneec. This offers not only an automated charge and discharge (with two batteries at the same time), but also a setting for the storage of batteries.

Some basic rules for battery usage:
– Never empty the battery completely
– If a battery is not used for more than 2 weeks, please charge/discharge it to storage voltage
– Never use / charge the battery when it is very hot or cold

For the first 10 charging cycles, the battery should be flown down to a maximum of about 30% of its capacity. Later you can also fly below 20% of the capacity. Under 10% you should go as rarely as possible. The automatic function “emergency return” is an emergency program and should only be used in an emergency.

You get the best results at flying and charging when the battery has a temperature between 25° and 40°C. If the battery is very cold, it loses up to 40% of its capacity. Preheat the battery. Store batteries at room temperature or ideal is a tempering box. (Core temperature of the battery up to 40°C is ideal)

Why is my remote control working so slow?

Like any tablet, the memory of the Android tablet in the ST16S is limited. It becomes less and less with more copies of images, videos, maps, missions and other apps. This slows down your system.

Please note the following instructions:
– Only save maps (max 100MB) that you need regularly
– Delete old pictures and videos from the ST16S from time to time
– Delete screenshots from the remote control from time to time
– Do not install any other apps on the remote control

Are there any wearing parts? What is the maintenance interval?

The wear parts include: propellers, propeller mounts and batteries.
Propellers and propeller mounts are made of plastic and can wear out. If the propeller still has play after locking it, the propeller and propeller mount must be replaced. After 200 flight hours, this should definitely happen to all 6 arms. Upset impurities (dust and sand, for example) can pollute the bearings of the motors or can settle in the mechanics of the landing gear. Often a careful blow with compressed air will help. If this does not help, the corresponding part must be exchanged. Therefore, please contact our technical service.

Typhoon H Plus FAQ

How fast can the Typhoon H Plus fly?

The Typhoon H Plus achieves a speed of up to 72 km / h in sports mode and up to 50 km / h in angle mode.

Which auto flight modes does the H Plus have and how do they work?

Orbit Me – Fly the Typhoon H Plus in a circular flight path at the desired distance and height. The camera always remains focused on you.

Point of Interest – Select an object while in POI (Point of Interest) mode and the YUNEEC Typhoon H Plus will circle this object automatically.

Journey Mode – Depending on the desired setting, the Typhoon H Plus will fly upwards on a linear path and then return automatically – making for the perfect shot.

Follow Me / Watch Me – In Follow Me mode, the Typhoon H Plus moves with you. If the Watch Me function is activated, the camera always remains focused on you.

Curve Cable Cam – Fly a pre-determined flight path. The Typhoon H Plus will fly a user-defined route based on pre-recorded coordinates. The operator is able to focus on the camera, which can still be fully controlled, while the Typhoon H Plus autonomously flies the flight path.

Return Home – The Typhoon H Plus returns automatically and lands by your side at the touch of a button.

Which versions of the H Plus exist?

YUNTYHPEU – Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter, C23 camera, ST16S transmitter, 2x battery, charger, neck strap and sun shade for the ST16S, SD card and other accessories.

YUNTYHPREU – Typhoon H Plus with Intel® RealSense™ technology, C23 camera, ST16S transmitter, 2x battery, charger, neck strap and sun shade for the ST16S, SD card and other accessories.

YUNTYHPRBPEU – Typhoon H Plus with Intel® RealSense™ technology, backpack, C23 camera, ST16S transmitter, 2x battery, charger, neck strap and sun shade for the ST16S, SD card and other accessories.

What do I have to consider before my first flight with the Typhoon H Plus?

Before using your H Plus for the first time, read the operating instructions and inform yourself about the local laws. Prepare your equipment and find an area free of obstacles, buildings, people and animals. In our flight preparation and first flight tutorials, we’ll explain you how to prepare yourself and your copter before the flight.

How do I bind the camera with the drone?

Go to the settings of the ST16S and tap on the “WiFi” icon. Select the correct camera and enter the password “1234567890” (unless otherwise specified).
You can find instructions on how to do this in the manual under “Binding the aircraft and C23”.

How do I connect the remote control with the H Plus?

Drone and remote control are already connected ex works. Normally, it is not necessary to establish a connection between them. If it should be necessary to set up a manual connection, you will find more information in our manual under ” Binding the aircraft and ST16S”.

How do I calibrate the compass?

Detailed instructions can be found in the instruction manual under “Compass Calibration”.

Where can I find software updates for Typhoon H Plus and how can I install them?

Software updates can be accessed directly through a WiFi network and the ST16S remote control. In our tutorial on how to properly install an update, we will show you step by step how to proceed.

NOTE: Please note that Typhoon H updates are not compatible with Typhoon H Plus!

TYPHOON H PLUS - How to install an update

Can I change the video resolution?

Yes. You can choose between following video resolutions:
4096×2160 & 3840×2160 & 2720×1530 (24/25/30/48/50/60fps)
1920×1080 & 1280×720 (24/25/30/48/50/60/120fps)
4096×2160 & 3840×2160 (24/25/30fps)
2720×1530 (24/25/30/48/50/60fps)
1920×1080 & 1280×720 (24/25/30/48/50/60/120fps)

Which SD card can I use?

Class 10 u3 min. 90 Mbit/s

How does the Intel® RealSense™ technology work?

Built into the Intel® RealSense™ module, the camera detects movements and distances thanks to 3D and depth-sensing technology, enabling it to detect obstacles and fly around them.

Learn more Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Which cameras are compatible to the Typhoon H Plus?

The Typhoon H Plus comes with the C23 1 “sensor camera and is so far not compatible with any other YUNEEC cameras.

How does the Team Mode function work? What do I need to use it?

With Team Mode, you can independently control your copter and camera with two ST16S remote controls. The camera operator can thus concentrate on his own recordings while the pilot takes control of the drone. To be able to fully use the Team Mode function, you need an additional ST16S matching your existing system. That means, the Typhoon H Plus needs a second ST16S remote control with Flight Mode 2.0 app. Both systems, master and slave controller, need the to be updated to the latest firmware.

Can I use the Typhoon H’s ST16 also for the Typhoon H Plus?

No, that’s not possible. The Typhoon H and the ST16 are based on completely different software and hardware and are therefore not compatible with the Typhoon H Plus.

Does the Typhoon H Plus have programmed No Fly Zones?

Yes, the Typhoon H Plus is equipped with No Fly Zones, which prevent it from flying in no fly zones, for example near airports.

Can I use an external monitor?

Yes, an external monitor can be connected via the HDMI connection of the ST16S remote control.